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08.09.2023. - 18.09.2023.

„It’s so boring being closed off in a silo all day. I wish I could be more included and have a full overview of the complete innovative process - like some master of puppets!“
If this or a similar thought has ever crossed your mind, we have a solution for your dilemma. We think you should apply for:
Imagine a company that is a world leader in its field, works with innovative and cutting-edge technologies and is recognized worldwide and appreciated among the end users for its development of special purpose machinery.
Can you imagine it?
Okay, great!
What if we told you that there is a company where both R&D and production are in the same place, working as one and where you get the opportunity to participate in a project from idea to finished product?
Sounds too good to be true?
Keep reading!
Imagine a company that produced an electric car „before it was cool“ and after overcoming that challenge with ease, realized that there were bigger fish to fry and discovered its purpose in making the world a better and safer place by preventing the loss of human life all across the globe.
Are you ready to know more?
Be patient, we are getting to the point…
DOK-ING is an engineering powerhouse of heavy-duty robotics & autonomous systems. The company is an international market leader and has more than 80% of the market share in more than 40 countries globally. In the previous period, the company has grown by more than 230% and the company’s average salary has increased by up to 30%. The headquarters in the Croatian capital are spread over almost 20,000 m2 and, besides the Zagreb office, DOK-ING is incorporated on the following continents: North & South America, Europe, Africa & Asia. In more than 30 years of being in business, the company has been recognized for changing the industrial landscape with its innovative approach and has won many international “doing business and industrial” awards for innovations and technologies.
In a few words, by integrating its own innovations and new technologies, it develops and manufactures robotic and autonomous systems to protect human lives & property in dull, dirty and dangerous environments known to responders, primarily in Military Engineering, CBRNe, Emergency Response & Underground Mining.
Let's get to the point: what will be my duties?
  • Managing one or more projects at the same time
  • Establishing contact with the project sponsor and the client and achieving the necessary understanding and trust
  • Achieving and documenting the realization of project requirements and goals
  • Management of material and human resources for the project
  • Ensuring efficient use of resources from the point of view of time, productivity and efficiency
  • Establishing appropriate communication channels between all interested parties
  • Monitoring and reporting on project progress, including realistic predictions of project results
Okay, but what does DOK-ING expect from me?
  • Independence, responsibility and reliability in the execution of work tasks
  • Analytical, systematic and innovative work
  • Proactivity and focus on results and quality
  • Developed organizational and communication skills
  • Good leadership and negotiation skills
  • Inquisitive spirit and persistence
  • Knowledge of PMI methodology
  • Master’s degree in a technical field, preferably in mechanical or electrical engineering
  • At least three years of experience in a project management role
  • Excellent English language skills (in speech and writing)
  • PMP certification is a plus
Okay, but what’s in it for me?
  • The opportunity to work on challenging and innovative projects in the robotics & autonomous field
  • The opportunity to be included both in R&D and customer projects
  • Dynamic, open-minded and motivating work-life balance environment oriented towards knowledge sharing
  • Ability to work with cutting-edge tools & technologies
  • Ability to grow and learn through the systematic employee education system
  • Attractive compensation package
  • Flexible working hours
  • Supporting sports activities
If there are no more ‘buts’ left and you are still reading, congratulations! We can sense that you feel intrigued, would like to know us better and potentially become a part of our #DOKINGforces, so please don’t hesitate to apply and send us your CV until September 18th, 2023.